Hi, I'm Jo the writer and creator of Flourish & Blotting - and yes, there is a Harry Potter reference in there somewhere.  Based in the UK, Liverpool to be precise, and established in October 2015.

I would describe myself as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, writing about makeup, fashion (sometimes!), interiors, bakery and anything in between.

Flourish & Blotting was also nominated and shortlisted for Best New Blog on the Block 2016 at The Bloggers Blog Awards.

For all PR and commercial enquiries please contact:
Twitter: @flourishnblog
Instagram: @flourishnblog
Pinterest: @flourishnblog


It's very simple, all views and thoughts are my own. Everything on this blog has been trialled, tested and reviewed by me. I always give products a fair and constructive review. I am 100% honest and if I was to be sent products, I would take my time to get a feel for the product before they are featured. I will also mark all items with a * that have been sent to me from PR companies for possible review purposes.

When writing reviews, I like to leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves what they think, so rather than just say I don’t or do like something, I weigh up the pros and cons and add in my thoughts. Everything I do for this blog is in my spare time and out of my own pocket.

Everything you see on Flourish & Blotting was made by myself, Joanne Dawick (unless otherwise stated). I use a Olympus Pen E - PL7 & IPhone 6S to take all my own photographs (unless otherwise stated). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Love, Jo.

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